3 Reasons to Write Daily Gratitudes

Making a daily gratitude list is a quick, effective way to connect and ground yourself in the energy of gratitude which can transform your life.

The techniques of writing a gratitude list can be as varied to meet the unique needs of the individual expressing gratitude. A note on your phone, a paper or electronic journal, a scrap piece of paper, a purchased gratitude journal, whatever you choose – all techniques work if you work them. 

The challenge comes in making the practice a daily habit and in sustaining it. Gaining education on WHY can help with this.

Here are 3 motivators to get you to start (and keep) writing a daily gratitude list:

1. Gratitude is the simplest, most effective, least expensive tool to build greater health and quality of life.

When you express gratitude, you literally change your energy pattern and create a higher frequency of uplifting, healing energy in your body. 

This benefits you inside and out. 

When you are expressing gratitude, your body relaxes your sympathetic nervous system (think fight or flight), so your hormones are balanced and your cellular function is supported. 

Gratitude also leads you to send out positive energy around you, strengthening your relationships and attracting more positive people in your life.

2. Gratitude journals are for people who do not like to journal.

When you think of journaling, are you flooded with barriers getting in the way? Not enough time, too many other commitments, not knowing what to write, not wanting other people to read your writing… then gratitude journaling is your solution!

When you write a gratitude journal – it is the simple task of writing what you are grateful for. You can write it in a lengthy essay if that is your thing, but for most of us – a quick list is enough.

My current gratitude journal is three words or phrases that I record each day. One day I wrote something as far-reaching as ‘electricity’, when another day was as specific as, ‘the cake pops from Aunt Christine’s birthday’.

Make it yours. Make it work for you. Keep it simple to be able to keep it up!

3. Writing daily gratitudes helps catalog your life in a deep, meaningful way.

Some might say that Facebook memories are enough for them to catalog their life, but I prefer my gratitude journal. 

Though posts and pictures give a great sense of nostalgia, looking at the three things you were grateful for on a specific day, gives a deeper sense of connection to your past self and the world you were experiencing at that time. This creates a timeline of your life events as they unfold.

“The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.”

– Robert Holden –

As you build your daily habit of writing gratitudes, remember that establishing positive rituals, like writing daily gratitudes, allow you to thrive and live a life of wellness and joy.

Also remember that I am here, as a wellness educator and coach, to support you in developing and maintaining the healing and wellness that your life deserves. 
You can schedule a 20 minute call with me right here. And I am just an email or direct message away! Email me at robinswellnest@gmail.com and connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.

With love and light,

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