3 Tips for Meditating

Meditation has changed my life. 

I had been dabbling in meditation for almost two decades, but in January of 2021 I decided to make it a daily practice and I haven’t looked back.

In the Spring of 2021 I decided to merge my love for meditation with my passion for education and became a certified meditation teacher.

Through my personal experience and my formalized training, these are the three tips I offer anyone beginning or continuing their meditation practice:

1. RELAX. Meditation is not about perfection, it is a Practice. Meditation is muscle training for your brain and you want to focus on building success to keep coming back.

Begin by doing what feels right to start. 

Position – If you prefer sitting in a chair to sitting on the floor – do that. If you prefer laying down to sitting – do that. This is your time and your practice, trust yourself and do what feels best for your beautiful mind and body.

Duration – Start small to build big. I began with 5 minutes and honestly most days only have the capacity for 10 minutes in my daily practice. If you meditate for one minute, maybe someday you’ll build up to one hour… but maybe not. And that is fine. Just relax and try.

Intention – Go in with one expectation – you are going to try. Be open to whatever happens, but don’t expect any outcomes. For myself, at one time I expected to have epiphanies and spiritual experiences when I meditated, and if that didn’t happen, I was discouraged and wasn’t excited to continue the practice. Just relax and know you are doing awesome, and come back to your practice again.

2. BREATHE. Your breath is the most amazing gift of unconscious support along with conscious control. Focus on your breathing, and the rest will follow.

As you read this, let’s practice…

Bring your awareness to your breath as it comes in and out through your nose. Feel the sensations as it enters and exits through your nostrils. 

Continue your attention on your breath as you feel your body fill with the life force energy each time to inhale. Feel your chest, and with deeper breaths, your stomach – rise and fall.

3. NOTICE. Guess what? You just practiced this one when you were breathing with me above. Good job!

…Noticing is when you bring gentle awareness to what is going on in and around you.

When you bring your awareness to your breathing, you are noticing the physical sensations happening in your body. You are guiding or focussing your thoughts.

There is a misconception that mediation is the absence of thought. It is not. 

Meditation is the awareness of thought

And once you are aware, disengaging from the thoughts, allowing them to pass like clouds in the sky. 

So your ‘homework’ – just breathe and notice.

You got this, and I’m here to support you.

With love and light,

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