Body Scan Meditation

(Script Included)

A body scan meditation is an excellent way to connect your mind to your body. This meditation also provides deep relaxation by providing tension relief as you bring awareness to specific parts of your body.

Click HERE for a wonderful 7 minute Body Scan for Stress Relief Meditation

This written meditation is something that you can read and record yourself, or you can email me at for a recording of me guiding you through this meditation.

When you do this practice, I suggest creating an environment that feels peaceful and calm. Limit the amount of distractions. Light your favorite candle or incense, dim the lights and get cozy.

This meditation can be done in the seated position, but I prefer laying down. If you fall asleep during the meditation – that is okay! It means that you needed sleep and still received the benefits of meditation, specifically – relaxation!

Body Scan Meditation Script

As you relax your body into this space for your meditation practice, thank yourself for this gift.

This is a time that you are gifting yourself to check-in. To connect. To relax, to heal, to restore.

Throughout this time, focus on becoming the observer. Begin to observe yourself. Observe your body and your mind. Allow any thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations to just be. Let them pass through like clouds drifting across the sky.

Often, this time of meditation and relaxation is the first time throughout the demands of the day that you have been able to stop. This may be the first time that you are able to just – be. As you enter into this world of being, rather than the world of doing, you may notice the residual effects of the ‘doings’ of the day. Just let them be. Even if they surge – trust that they will subside.

There is no need for any judgement here. This is just time for awareness and observation. Just allow yourself to be. All of your to-do’s and tasks will not only be there when you are ready, this time of being will allow you to be more productive and present in your doing. Trust that you are investing in your future power by bringing your attention to awareness and relaxation in this present time.

Bring your attention to the breath as it enters your body and brings renewal in and release out. 

Begin to feel your abdomen as it rises and falls with each breath. Notice this sensation for several breath cycles...

Now gently withdraw your awareness from your breath and begin to bring awareness to your body as I guide you through a scan.

As we go through the body scan, if there are any areas that are tight or tense, invite them to soften and release. If they resist release, just accept that and allow… 

Allow any sensations that arise to just be. Let them do as they need. Know that all sensations – physical and emotional, are proof that your body is processing and doing amazing work to continuously heal and restore itself.

Bring your attention to the bottom of your left foot. Feel any points of contact. Become fully aware of the bottom of your foot and any sensations that you experience. Feel your toes, the ball of your foot, the heel, the top of the foot – the whole left foot.

Now feel the Achilles tendon as it connects the heel of your left foot to your left leg. 

Bring your awareness up as you travel with your attention to your left calf and wrap around to your left shin. Now up to your left knee. Continue being aware.

Let your attention move up your left leg, to your left upper leg – the hamstrings on the back and the quadriceps on the front. Sense the connection between your left leg with your left hip and allow your attention to rest there.

Shift your awareness back down your body, landing now in your right foot. The bottom of your right foot. Feel any points of contact. Become fully aware of the bottom of your right foot an any sensations that you experience. Feel your toes, the ball of your right foot, the right heel, the top of your foot – the whole right foot.

Allow your attention to move from your right foot to the Achilles tendon as you connect to your right leg and begin to move up your lower right leg.

Feel your right calf and shin. Drift your attention up to your right knee as you move to your upper leg.

Notice your right leg – the quadriceps on the front and feel the hamstrings on the back. Sense the connection between your right leg with your right hip and allow your attention to rest there for a moment.

Allow awareness to circle between your right and left hips and allow the circle to spiral in to land at the very tip of your tailbone. Allow any tension in this area to release. Feel rooted and grounded in this space.

Expand the awareness from the tailbone to the pelvic region of your lower abdomen. Sense into your reproductive organs and systems of elimination. Notice any thoughts, emotions or sensations that arise and observe them as they pass and your feel clear and connected.

Your awareness moves up your body into the center of your abdomen, into your belly. Feel your digestive system and appreciate all of the processing that this area of your body does to provide you with energy and life.

Allow your awareness to shift into the chest, into the heart and lungs. Be fully present here. Feel in and through your rib cage and the spaces between.

Now move your attention from your chest to the palm of the left hand.

Draw your attention to each finger of the left hand, again to the palm, now the wrist. The left forearm. The left elbow. The upper arm, the left shoulder.

Shift into awareness of the right palm. Now feel each finger on the right hand, encompassing the right palm. Feel the right wrist, forearm, right elbow and upper arm. Now arriving at the right shoulder.

Bring attention to both shoulders.

Allow this attention to meet in the center of the shoulders and move into awareness at the base of the throat. Release any tension in the throat as you continue with attention up your neck and into your jaw.

Release any tension in your jaw, extending the release into your mouth – including your teeth, tongue, gums, all the way to your lips.

Allow the attention to move into your chin, up your cheeks, your nose, your eye sockets and eye brows. Your forehead. Your ears.

Now all over the top and back of your head – especially the crown of your head. Be present.

Expand your field of awareness to your entire body from the bottom of your foot all the way up to the crown of your head and out to the tips of your fingers.

Feel your incredible body as the precious vessel that it is – notice any sensations. Just be present. Just breathe.

Now invite gratitude into every area of your body. Thank yourself for taking this time to check in with your body and become fully present and aligned. 

Bring this peace and alignment into all areas of your life.


Thank you for being here with me today. I appreciate you.

Let me know what you think of this meditation in the comments below.

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