Creating Vision Beyond Vision Boards

In 2017 I resigned my position as an employee in public schools and embarked on a deep healing journey to unpack the wounds of my past that were impacting my daily functioning.

One of the greatest gifts of that time was the inspiration and creation of MamasMomentum. 

MamasMomentum is energy – action – healing the trauma of the past, to transform the future.

This looked like a lot of personal healing and development and in turn, I created a business focused on empowering women in self care and healing. Thus MamasMomentum the business was born,  and began my services with a Vision Board Retreat.

Vision boarding was something that I had learned and practiced in my 20’s, but truthfully, collaging was a favorite pastime of mine in high school.

I covered my entire bedroom wall with a collage. (There were mainly pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and scenes from ‘Titanic’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’…how great it was to be a teenager in the 90’s!)

Creating collages of images that are displayed to inspire and dream – that is a tangible form of visioning.

There is power in creating a vision board and looking at it every day. 

Even in Julia Cameron’s book/course, The Artist’s Way, she guides readers/students in creating a vision board to recover your creative self and manifest the future you desire.

In early 2021 I completed the 12-weeks of The Artist’s Way, and let’s just say… that vision board is the reason you are reading these words on my website right now. (See that board in the picture for this blog.)

So it is from experience of not only doing vision boards, but leading others on a Vision Board Retreat with MamasMomentum back in 2017, that I know visioning.

But you don’t need a vision board to create vision.

In fact, when I vision and lead others in the process, we begin within your mind.

The Process of Creating Vision

First – create time and space where you can be uninterrupted, and still with your thoughts. For me this looked like waiting until my daughter was asleep and telling my husband that I needed time in our bedroom undisturbed. I lit candles, had calming music and a notebook ready and cozied in.

Then I did a mediation. I used one that I created specifically for the Vision Board Retreat that I had hosted, but you could use any meditation that brings you into a state of calm and awareness. My Body Scan Meditation and Growing Gratitude Meditation could serve you well for this purpose.

After getting into a deep state of focus and calm, I asked myself three questions in this order:

Who do I want to BE?

What do I want to DO?

What do I want to HAVE?

I wrote my responses and then took time to reflect on the process after.

This work then leads to the next step of collecting images to put on a vision board. (Please note that this process works whether you prefer creating  physical or digital vision boards. It grounds you in creating vision before you find images to match that vision.)

Creating a Vision Beyond Boards

This process has not only been incredibly beneficial in my personal work of creating vision, it has been how I have created a vision for my business, Robin’s WellNest LLC.

The beautiful thing about all of this is that it is a PROCESS. And the final product does not have to be perfect, it just has to be emerging in order to continue progress towards the future that brings your highest self and best alignment in life.

With visioning for my business, it has taken me over 6 months of working on my vision to have something that I am ready to share.

Before I do share, let me also note how powerful SHARING is in manifesting the vision you create. Sharing can range from social media to your best friend and confidant… do what feels and works best for you. Always remember that what works for someone else, may work for you – or it may not, only you can tell.

Here is my vision for Robin’s WellNest, and our collective future:

A peaceful world where people are empowered in healing & wellness, cultivating peace within to maintain peace without.

Robin’s WellNest Vision

It is still a work in progress… and always will be. Since change is the only constant, I choose to lead the change and evolve with time. And that means that all of my work does as well.

I hope that you find your path to evolve and create a vision for your future.

If you need help and support with this process, I am here. Schedule a free consult call here and we will learn how I can support you. Who knows – maybe Vision Board Retreats will be in the future of Robin’s WellNest? …guess I have some visioning work to do to truly find out 😉

Always remember – I am just an email or direct message away! Email me at and connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.

With love and light,

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