Grounding in Gratitude Yoga Practice

With our focus on growing gratitude, I could not be more grateful for the experience and learning that my first retreat led by Andrea Russel at the incredible Christine Center brought me. We spent the entire weekend focused on practicing yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic principles. There were so many take-aways that I will be sharing and sprinkling throughout the weeks to come, but this week I am delighted to share how we can practice specific poses in yoga to Ground in Gratitude and support our Ayurvedic balance.

A little Ayurveda Background

Before this retreat, I barely knew how to properly pronounce Ayurveda, so it is fair to say that I learned a lot on retreat and have a lifetime of learning ahead of me. 

Ayurveda is the Indiginous science and medicine of India. Ayurveda continues to be used in conjunction with Western medicine in India to achieve balance and wellness of mind, body and spirit.

One of the approaches of Ayurveda is that everything is made up of the elements of ether (space), air, fire, water, and earth… including humans. Each season of nature ushers in a shift in the focus of the elements, and with it, shifts the energy of the things… including humans,,, during that time. 

Therefore each season should be approached with different activities and foods to support balance and energy within the mind and body.

We are currently in the season of autumn which brings cold, sharp Vatta energy that is focused on the elements of ether (space) and air. We should be striving to balance the energy that is present during the season to achieve a peaceful flow within our life. In this season, that means focusing on grounding practices and bringing in foods that are warm and from the earth to fuel our body.  

Grounding in Gratitude with Yoga

Calming and grounding asanas help us get in touch with our body and our ability to cultivate gratitude. Use the sequences and script below to build and integrate your practice. Make it your own and have fun as you connect to your body and ground in gratitude.

Some asanas to consider as you focus on grounding in gratitude. Poses should have arms stretched outwards to symbolize receiving blessings in our lives:

Balancing Table

Mountain (with arms reaching upwards)


Warrior 1

Warrior 3

Grounding in Gratitude Yoga Practice

Come practice this sequence LIVE with me on Thanksgiving morning at 7am. I will also make the replay available for you if you can’t make it or are reading this after Thanksgiving.


Come to a comfortable seated position. Breathe in deeply and then exhale deeply. Gently place your hands on your heart center and bring awareness to the movement of your breath around your heart. Next, bring to mind a person or thing that you are grateful for. Open up to bring in two more people or things that you are grateful for. Examine how they have a positive impact on you. Allow feelings of appreciation to wash into your heart as you think of them. Continue to explore and reflect on how wonderful they are, finding new ways they help you that you may not have considered before.

Continue to feel the gratitude throughout your body and being as you allow this quote to integrate into your consciousness:

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. Gratitude makes peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

Melody Beattie

Gentle Yoga Flow Sequence:

  • Cat/cow flow
  • Balancing Table
  • Down Dog
  • Forward Fold
  • Mountain
  • Balancing Block
  • Chair
  • Warrior 1
  • Forward Fold
  • Down Dog
  • Lizard Twist
  • Child
  • Bound Angle
  • Bridge
  • Savasana

In Savasana:

Allow your body to feel heavy and supported by the mat and ground beneath you. Feel gratitude for this support – that is always there, even when we are not aware. Allow a slow, natural rhythm to flow from your breath. With each inhale, use your inner voice to say “grounded”, at the gentle pause before the exhale say “in” and with the exhale say “gratitude”. Continue this cycle and mantra for several breath cycles.

Stay in savasana as long as it feels good, and when you are ready – be gentle as you allow movement back into your body. 


The light in me sees – and is grateful for – the light in you.

Thank you for being here with me today and practicing the art of grounding in gratitude with yoga. 

I appreciate you.

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With love and light,

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