Growing Gratitude


For this week’s blog on meditation and growing gratitude, I have written a meditation for you to use.

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Today we are practicing focusing our mind on gratitude.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and appreciative. 

Gratitude gifts us with greater happiness, positivity, and health.

Even in the darkest days, there is always something to find to bring focus on cultivating a sense of gratitude.

For example, your breath…

What an amazing gift the breath is.

If you haven’t done so already, gently close your eyes and relax into your space. 

Bring your attention to your breath right now.

Notice the gentle fluctuations in temperature as you breathe in the cooler air through your nose, and release the slightly warmer air, through your nose.

Our breath is constant and reliable. It grounds us in the present moment and guides us towards peace and calm.

Though the breath is automatic – requiring no conscious attention to continuously provide life and nourishment – it also allows us to consciously connect and control it.

What a gift. 

Thank you breath.

Thank you for providing me life. Nourishment and energy with each inhale. Release and relaxation with each exhale.

Take a few slow breath cycles now while internally saying “Thank” on each inhale and “You” on each exhale.

Just by tuning in to your breath, you are immersing yourself in the energy of life.

The energy that propels you forward and connects you to all other life on this planet.

Thank you breath.

Thank you energy.

Thank you to the future that is moving forward…

As you continue to grow the sense of gratitude around you, take a moment now to focus on something or someone to focus your appreciation on.

With your focus on that person or thing, breathe in… “Thank”, breathe out… “You”.

Notice the peace within your body and your energy field.

Feel the gratitude that you have grown in this practice… it is part of you, now, and forever.

Gratitude within your breath, within your energy, within your emerging future.

Thank yourself for the gift of this practice and the gift you have given as you sent gratitude out into the world.

Breath in… “Thank,” breathe out… “You”.

As you continue throughout your day, always remember to return to your breath in moments of challenge. Invoke this practice of gratitude to recenter, balance, and grow your energy.

Now bring your awareness back to your breath and body as you gently move to come back to this moment and back into the space. Gently blink your eyes open.

Thank you for being you. Namaste.

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