My Reiki Story – Reiki for Relaxation

Relaxation has never come easily for me.

Part of the reason may be my nature of being a constant do-er and plan-er. But the most significant reason is my Complex PTSD.

Symptoms of Complex PTSD can manifest to appear like ADHD and are almost always coupled with anxiety. 

Combine this with being an extravert, and you will see a full calendar with a list of to-do’s that never ends.

Being busy is not only a way for me to feel accomplished, it is a way for me to survive, especially when my symptoms are flaring. It offers me an escape from the pain, from the trauma of my past and the anxiety and worry of the future. 

In the past, I was unconscious of what exactly was driving my need to be busy and full all of the time. 

It was through a crippling break (several really) that I was afforded the opportunity to unpack what was happening beneath the busy, and rebuild a life that I deserve to live.

Not one single part of this process has been easy or quick. But it has all been worth it.

All of this to say – states of resting and relaxing have proven to be something that I’ve had to learn and I must continuously practice. 

During times when my Complex PTSD and Anxiety flare – which still happens – I give myself grace. I allow for activity to flood my world to help me gain a sense of control and safety, and then slowly get back to a balance that includes relaxation.

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”

Chinese Proverb

As I write this, we are weeks away from Christmas and ushering in 2022.

My calendar is full.

I have a lot going on.

I do love all of it. Being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, building a wellness business, seeing clients for Reiki sessions, teaching workshops, creating content, and the newest piece – being appointed to our local school board (insert ALL of the mindfulness strategies here).

Even while I am loving all of it, I am fully aware that I am in a pivotal position.

I need to embed relaxation before things get too far out of balance.

My morning rituals around movement, meditation, devotions, journaling, are now in full focus. My nighttime meditation ritual is also being emphasized.

Relaxation is now on the calendar in the form of 15 minutes of reading fiction.

But the most important thing I can do to ensure I get the benefits of relaxation – which includes cellular repair, proper metabolic functioning, and an overall sense of calm is – REIKI.

Reiki for Relaxation

Reiki is the most important tool that I use to support my daily life and get me into states of deep relaxation and renewal.

The structure of Reiki has not only provided purposeful relaxation, the effects of the energy healing has helped me to live my life in a more balanced way. This allows for relaxation to organically emerge.

When I decided to get certified as a Reiki practitioner, it was first and foremost for my own healing.

I knew that I needed training on a technique to channel the universal life force energy (‘ki’ in Japanese, ‘chi’ in Chinese, and ‘prana’ in Sanscrit) so I could elevate the healing journey that I had been on. 

Reiki has given me that.

Through daily self Reiki, I not only keep my energy centers clear and balanced, I am easing the intensity of my Complex PTSD, Anxiety and Hashimoto’s symptoms.

Even without these conditions, I am an empath and tend to take on other people’s energy (especially as an extraverted, helping, nurturing empath). Reiki allows me to quickly clear any energy that is not mine. I also now can create strong boundaries to prevent ‘extra’ energy from affecting me in the first place.

As a Reiki practitioner I also receive benefits when I give Reiki to clients. 

During a session, I am serving as the conduit for the energy to concentrate and flow into my client. This process happens during distance and in-person sessions.

If you think about drinking a smoothie out of a straw, you know that some of the smoothie sticks to the straw. This is an appropriate analogy for what I experience as a Reiki practitioner. I am not getting all of the smoothie, but I do get some residual benefit.

Sharing Reiki for Relaxation and Healing

As I work to ensure that Reiki and other practices are present in my life during this season and in preparation for a successful 2022, I am most looking forward to completing my Reiki Master certification in February.

Once I am Master certified, I will be able to attune you to the Reiki energy and teach you the techniques to work with Reiki.

Everyone should be able to provide themselves with healing through relaxation and energy balance. That is why my mission is to empower every person with Reiki 1 training so they can use Reiki on themselves and their closest connections.

Between now and then, I am continuing to incorporate as much Reiki as I can teach within my individual Reiki session and Wellness Workshops.

In my upcoming workshop, Tanka Poetry Meditation, I teach some Reiki techniques so you can bring the relaxation and restoration into your toolkit of healing and wellness.

You can host a Tanka Poetry Meditation Workshop or attend an online version. The pilot of the online workshop is happening Monday, 12/13/21 and Wednesday, 12/15/21 from 7-8pm CST. Contact me at for more information.

Make sure that you follow me over on Instagram for the most up-to-date offerings and you can always book a session or a consult call here.

Always remember – I am just an email or direct message away! Email me at and connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.

With love and light,

2 thoughts on “My Reiki Story – Reiki for Relaxation”

  1. I knew you were an amazing person. I just didn’t realize how hard you’ve worked and how much you’ve gained. I suffer from PTSD from childhood trauma. ADHD too. I know very little about Reiki. But you’re success is inspiring. I’ll contact you to follow up. I believe in the basis of Reiki. Of energy. Sometimes solutions are right in front of you

    1. Thank you so much! It is through our journey of life that we develop true depth of character and resilience. Our potential is limitless…sometimes we just need that reminder and support.

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