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One of the things you need to know about me is that I was born to be a teacher. Here, at Robin’s WellNest, that looks like education on wellness and Reiki training, but before stepping into this space, I was a high school math teacher and administrator for 13 years.

I LOVED teaching high school math.

I especially loved my first years when I was teaching in Las Vegas, Nevada after being recruited to teach there from the midwest.

There are many stories from my time living in Vegas, but the one I am focused on today is how I first got introduced to Reiki.

One of the many amazing colleagues that I befriended in Vegas, was the Advanced Placement Biology Science Teacher, Carol. This amazing woman was not only brilliant in her field of science, she dazzled the students by building relationships and getting them to be as excited about learning as she was about teaching.

As our friendship emerged, I told Carol the story of my past and the emotional struggles that I was having which many years later would finally be diagnosed as Complex PTSD

…I look forward to sharing what it’s like to live with Complex PTSD with you, but I am currently focused on carefully navigating the content that I publish as I work to protect my daughter… 

She knows that my mother died when I was in Kindergarten, but she doesn’t know HOW. You see, my mother’s death was the catalyst for my PTSD as a child, and Complex PTSD as an adult. The time will come to tell her the story, but that time is not now, and not here.

Getting back to my Reiki story…

Carol was moved by my sharing. She invited me to come to her home to talk more. She said if I was interested, we could try a technique that she was learning to help with my processing and healing of my emotional wounds.

I was willing to try anything, and I trusted her, so I arrived at her home a few weeks later, for my first Reiki session.

There are two things I remember learning in that session that I keep with me today:

  1. Energy moves in the body.
  2. My power color is teal.

Though my session with Carol was amazing, my priorities focused more on utilizing my time when I was not teaching math or coaching sports, to well… party. I was only twenty-two and living in Las Vegas after all… and life seemed easier when I was numbing through the party life…

It took an entire decade after my first Reiki experience to have another.

This time, it was my childhood best friends who were living back in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, while I was making a home in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, who told me about Reiki.

Both of them had been dabbling in holistic and spiritual practices on their journeys and my girlfriend Nicole had just attended a Reiki retreat where she had gotten attuned to Reiki energy and met a group of like-minded women. 

One of the women she met, Jody, lived near me, and Nicole arranged for us to meet on one of her visits to Minnesota.

Jody’s energy was unbelievably warm and inviting. I immediately made an appointment with her, and she was pivotal in my healing at that time, assisting me in getting pieces of my trauma unstuck and in focus to guide my healing.

Jody uses a Christian lens and some other forms of training with energy healing modalities like Qi Gong. You can learn more about her here

The next piece of my journey took me to an Integrative Medicine Doctor several years later, at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing. I landed her to try to unpack all of the physical ailments that I was experiencing along with my mental sufferings. 

This was the first time I truly saw the conventional practices of the West merged with the holistic, ancient practices of the East.

Through my experience at the Penny George Institute, I learned that I have an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s. With an integrative approach, I manage my symptoms through conventional thyroid medication as well as holistic practices of dietary changes and acupuncture.

Acupuncture works by moving energy through your body at specific points or channels, called meridians.It is classified as an energy healing modality, just like the Reiki that I had experienced in the past.

Through regular treatments, energy healing can bring about balance and energy flow to promote healing and maintain wellness. And that is what has happened to me.

Fast forward to today… I still receive regular acupuncture treatments. Additionally, I have been certified through the International Center for Reiki Training as a First and Second degree Reiki practitioner. This allows me to do daily treatments on myself as well as practice on others.

Learning about Reiki has been a gradual process for me which has led to transforming my life as a Reiki practitioner. At almost 40, I am in the best mental health of my life, experiencing true presence and peace for the first time.

Everyone deserves to feel like this. That is why I am here – to teach about healing and wellness and to train people in Reiki so they can access energy healing every day of their life.

I’d love to help you figure out the next steps in your wellness journey, schedule a free consultation call here.

Learn more about Reiki in my blog posts: What is Reiki? and How Reiki Works

Thank you for being here with me today. I appreciate you.

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