Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is a complementary therapy that is natural and safe in engaging the parasympathetic nervous
system to allow the body to naturally heal itself on all levels.

Why Reiki?

As a complementary therapy, Reiki supports and enhances any medical or psychological care you are receiving. Reiki is holistic, treating the physical body and the mind together, strengthening the body’s own healing ability and rebalancing its energy. 

From being virtually unknown a few years ago, Reiki is fast becoming one of the most recognized and popular forms of complementary therapy. Reiki can be found being practiced at many leading hospitals and clinics, including the Mayo clinic, in Integrative Healing Enhancement programming.

Benefits of Reiki

When you are searching for natural methods of treating ailments and promoting a healthier lifestyle, your journey will eventually take you to Reiki. By receiving Reiki and allowing your body’s energy to flow, you get both immediate relief and continued improvement of physical and mental symptoms.

Reiki is meant for everyone, of every ability, at any stage of life, to improve your quality of life and level of wellness. Whether you find yourself in physical pain, suffering emotional trauma or stress, or are looking to continue to sustain your health, Reiki therapy supports you.

A Reiki treatment not only improves your general wellbeing, but regular treatment can also strengthen your immune system, helping you manage stress and reduce illness. You can expect that with regular treatments, during the day your focus and attention will improve, and at night your quality of sleep will enhance.

What should I expect in a Reiki session?

Reiki can be practiced in a variety of ways both virtually and in person. In both settings, you receive a calm,
quiet, safe space where I guide you into relaxation to allow the energy of your body to balance and flow.

In-Person Sessions

When you book an in person hour-long session,  we reserve 75 minutes of time either in the comfort of your home or my in-home studio. Before and after each session, we connect on your current needs and focus to guide your Reiki therapy. After each session, I provide you with tools or strategies that you can use on your own between sessions as a way to continue your path of wellness.

You wear whatever is comfortable for you, and either lay down on a massage table or any other position, including sitting, that is most supportive for you. If you are comfortable with gentle touch, then throughout the session I place my hands on key points on your head and body to promote relaxation and tension release. 

If you are not comfortable being contacted directly, then Reiki is a wonderful therapy for you. Energy does not require touch to transfer and flow. A hands-off session provides the same benefits, I just hover my hands over the key points of your body to direct the energy.

Distance Sessions

In a distance session, you ensure you have a quiet, comfortable space where we can connect for an hour over Zoom.

The format is the same as in person with the only difference being we are not physically together. I link up to your energy field to direct the energy and ensure you have an experience of deep relaxation and tension release.

“Robin was my very first distance Reiki session. I think Robin’s caring demeanor really put me at ease at the beginning of the session, and she explained everything about how the session was going to proceed before she got started. I felt very held and loved during the entire session. The Reiki healing was very effective in terms of how I felt afterwards, and Robin gave me great tips on what to do after the session to maximize benefits. I left the session feeling grounded and empowered. Robin is such an authentic ray of light and I will definitely be back for another session soon.”

-Brittany A.