The Who, What, Where & Why of Yoga

Though most people are familiar with yoga as an exercise technique, there is so much more to this ancient tool to cultivate holistic healing and wellness. Here I give you a brief breakdown of who, what, where & why of yoga so you can begin or strengthen your yoga practice.

1. Who is yoga for?

Yoga is for everyone! All ages, all sizes, all religions, all races, all abilities – ALL!

My favorite phrase is “yoga is for everybody and every BODY”.

Often people think yoga is only for the most flexible and physically fit and trim, but that is only the influence of marketing in Western culture.

As a person who has lived in a body that has existed in multiple sizes and at varying levels of fitness, I found yoga to be the gateway to the physical and mental fitness that I need.

Master yoga teachers know the modifications of poses and work with their students to allow everyone to enjoy the practice. This is why I became a certified yoga teacher – to help everyone access this amazing practice, in their own way.

Seek out a teacher who will meet you unique needs and provide the supports to feel comfortable and confident, and you will soon be calling yourself a ‘yogi’.

So who is yoga for? …you, me, and everybody… And if you want help, I’m just a phone call away. 

2. What is yoga?

Modern yoga in Western culture is viewed as a workout for your body. But yoga originated as an entire system of practices to work inwards and cultivate peace and stillness.

The body postures are called ‘asanas’ in yoga, and are only one of EIGHT limbs of yoga.

The postures are designed to develop enough strength and comfort within the body so you can sit in stillness to achieve calming the fluctuations of the mind.

Even though yoga can be utilized as a form of exercise that brings physical fitness and flexibility with improved breathing, always remember that the biggest and most intended benefit is to relax your mind.

Yoga is not only a workout, it is a work-in.

3. Where should yoga be practiced?

The beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere that you are comfortable.

You can do yoga in a group class, in the comfort of your home, at your desk while you are working, in the park, on a beach… I’ve even done little bits of yoga while waiting in line.

Yoga does not have to be done as a long, intense practice. You can choose a favorite pose or two to integrate into your daily life throughout the day. This helps provide relief to your body through tension release, and strength for your mind as you get into the present moment of connecting to your body.

One of my favorite things to do is to deliver mini workshops in school and corporate settings, on how to bring yoga into the day to help improve the collective culture and personal productivity. Learn more here.

4. Why should I do yoga?

If you are looking to bring balance and energy to your mind, body, and spirit – yoga is one tool for you to try.

Yoga can provide immediate stress and anxiety relief as well as help with daily management of symptoms.

The mental benefits of bringing you into the present moment and calming the fluctuations of your mind, are further enhanced by the physical benefits of increasing flexibility and strength in a gentle, progressive manner.


Always remember that your healing and wellness is personal. It is going to look different than the person next to you. This includes the practice of yoga.

Never be discouraged by what you see others doing on the outside. The outside is only one dimension, it is what is going on INSIDE that truly matters.

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Thank you so much for being here today. I appreciate you.

With love and light,

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