What is Empowered Healing?

When I developed Robin’s WellNest, I was called to focus all of the content on empowering your healing.

But that begs the question, What exactly is Empowered Healing?

In this article, you will learn what Empowered Healing means and how you can use Empowered Healing in your life to live your best, most vibrant life, regardless of inevitable challenges and change that you face.

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As you learn about Empowered Healing, there are some facts to keep in mind:

There is only one constant in life, and that constant is change.

We are continuously changing as individuals, and the world is continuously changing as well.

It is easy when you look at a baby to see the change through physical growth and skills that are acquired. 

But it is important to remember that we are continuing to grow well beyond being a child, even when our bodies are not growing…even as we age and certain things begin to diminish.

Growth needs to shift from the outward observation of it, to the inward sensation that arises.

This is why Empowered Healing is essential to maximize your potential and ensure you are growing throughout your entire life.

Another essential fact to living a life of power and peace that embraces Empowered Healing is:

There’s only one thing in this world that you can control – and that is yourself.

It has taken me almost four decades to fully embrace and understand that fact.

But when I relinquished control of everything else (BTW- that doesn’t mean that I support everything else, or that I condone everything else), that’s when I began living my best life surrounded with energy of peace and stability.

When you embrace the fact that you can only control yourself, you shift your perspective and energy.

This allows you to be empowered to enact change and shift from being a passive reactor, to an active responder in your life.

In turn, you will get into alignment and be able to live your life in a way that minimizes regret.

You take control of yourself and live your best life.

So by releasing control, you gain the most powerful tool – control of yourself, your choices, your responses, your thoughts, your actions.

The ability to Respond versus React. That is Empowered Healing.


As a lifelong learner, and as a passionate and formally trained teacher – I value nothing more than the power of learning.

But as I see it, as a society, we are missing the mark.

We need to have a huge shift on how we learn and grow.

In the past, we had to memorize facts in order to navigate our world. 

But now, we have this incredible tool of technology that exists. This means that we no longer need to memorize and regurgitate facts. We need to develop deeper understandings of how we thing and how to problem-solve to use technology and the fact it holds to participate in the world. 

Now as an educator, I am not discounting what needs to be in place as a foundation to create understanding, especially for our youngest learners. 

But as we move forward, we need to focus on how we process information, instead of everything in the facts outside. 

We need to bring that understanding inside. 

We need to understand ourselves and tap into our innate wisdom to navigate the world around us and use the tools of technology to grow as a society.

This will allow us to be in a continuous state of alignment so we can navigate the uncharted territory of the future.

The future needs us to make this shift. To shift to Empowered Healing and learning that goes deep into the inner world and processing.

We need that in order to sustain life on this planet. And we need to work together. Working together in a lens that is understanding, that is compassionate, and that focuses on learning and growing.


I know healing because I live it. I was forced into it as a child who survived intense trauma and an adult who has felt called to share this journey.

On my journey, there have been many times where I was living in the depths of despair and felt powerless and isolated.

I felt like I had no support and no tools to access for myself to propel me into healing.

I am driven to empower others in their healing so they do not have to feel like I did.

That is where my vision was born…

Everyone can be empowered with tools to use for their own healing and wellness. 

That you can have tools at your disposal to complement any conventional treatments so you continuously feel in control of yourself and your well-being. 

I must highlight that empowering personal tools of healing, is meant to complement the conventional methods and science that supports both physical and mental health. 

The piece that continues to be missed by only approaching wellness from a conventional viewpoint, is the innate tools that we have within ourselves to be able to take control of our lives and healing to ensure moving forward and progress. 


Empowered Healing came to fruition for me in the form of Reiki Energy Healing.

As I write this, I am a Reiki Master. 

That means that I not only do Reiki on myself and others, but I can teach Reiki to anyone interested in learning or refining their practice.

After experiencing the benefits of Reiki as a client and doing deep research on the science behind the ‘woo-woo’ world of energy, I felt called to spread this incredible tool to all who are interested in learning.

As a Reiki Level 1 practitioner, you will be able to practice Reiki Energy Healing on yourself and those that you are most energetically tied to – your children, partner, parents, etc.

As a Reiki Level II practitioner, you can expand your practice and begin seeing clients and providing services that are more structured and formal. 

Or you may choose to advance your training all the way to Reiki Master, where you can teach others this incredible tool.

Personally, I am a Usui Holy Fire III, World Peace Reiki Master and am very excited to continue my training to learn the Karuna Energy System in the summer of 2022 and the formal Animal Reiki System in early 2023.

Please know that when you hear the word ‘master’, this is not a system where it is power over. 

Master, just means Teacher.

No one person holds more access to Universal Life Force Energy than another, but depending on your level of training, you are empowered with more and more tools to more efficiently access the energy and channel it to others. 


Overall, education is the most powerful tool to empower yourself and your healing.

Here at Robin’s WellNest, you know that I’m going to teach you all things mindset, mindfulness and Reiki energy healing while we merge science with the world of ‘woo-woo’.

I have been a skeptic and welcome a healthy distrust of new information!

My math background and my baby-boomer style of looking at the world, has led me to lean more towards conventional methods of medicine and even of my mindset.

But through experience and now learning about more of the mystical things in the world of woo that existed in ancient, indigeneous practices, I am merging both of those worlds so you can learn directly from a skeptic herself – exactly how to empower your healing and be able to support those that you love and you serve.

My overall message in everything that is empowered – never stop. 

Continue to heal and grow. 

Continue to pick up more and more tools that are going to help you along the journey.

To support your journey, I have created a free resource for you to continue this work right now – it is called the Success Blueprint.

It is 3 research -based steps in aligning your life to manifest your vision.

If you have been looking for a process to get results that you want, while enjoying the entire work of the process, the Success Blueprint is for you. 

I want you to avoid getting stuck like I did in overwhelm, perfectionism, and even in comparison. 

I want you to just be able to embark on the journey of living in alignment and achieving your dreams. 

That’s what this pdf is going to help you do.

So head over to www.robinswellnest.com/thesuccessblueprint to grab your copy right now!

You can also book a Reiki session, or begin with a free consult call to talk about your wellness journey, by scheduling here.

The option is always there to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Remember that you are always enough – just as you are. Also know, you are powerful beyond measure; and finally, always remember that I love you.



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