What is Feminine Energy/Flow?

Do you seek structure to ease anxiety and increase productivity while wanting to relax to ensure you aren’t so rigid that you break?

Well I have been developing a concept to improve well-being and provide both structure and flexibility that I am excited to share with you. 


It all began in therapy with wanting to approach life in ways that address managing anxiety, while providing more adaptability when things (inevitably) need to change.

That is how the concept of embracing feminine energy through ‘feminine flow’ came to be.

Feminine flow is maximizing your energy and potential to align your life by balancing structure with flexibility so you preserve the precious energy that you have.

Honestly, go-with-the-flow can be a tad scary, and perhaps even a little ‘flaky’ sometimes.

But you need flexibility in order to thrive when challenges and change take place.

For me, living with complex PTSD and managing the symptoms of it – particularly, crippling anxiety – is a never-ending journey. 

‘Control’ is one of the ways that I was able to move through my symptoms and even excel in many areas of my life.  That is, until I wasn’t able to ‘control’ anymore (or perhaps the illusion of control became realized).

The only thing you can control – yourself.

Control through over-planning and managing everything and everyone around me, proved to support me in managing my symptoms by masking the problem. 

Eventually, I was not only hurting the people around me, I was inducing more anxiety and dysregulation when things would drift outside of my control. 


When I finally began to do the work to unpack my trauma and shift from reacting to responding in my life, I knew that I had to relinquish ‘control’ to be more flexible and adaptable – and ultimately, healthy.

That’s when my therapist challenged me to become a ‘squishy ball’.

She used the analogy that I desired to be a ball or a sphere of some sort.

But when I was too rigid, I would break if I would crash or fall and it would take a long time to pick up the pieces.

By being a ‘squishy ball’, and embracing my feminine flow, I could still be a sphere, but withstand any crashes or drops that may occur.

The analogy – create a squishy ball.

You need to realize like I did, there is a need for structure in life. But there is also a need for flexibility.

If you are too structured and working to control everything, know that it will eventually not end well.

Control is ultimately fear-based. Control is a natural inclination of survival for anyone managing anxiety or responding to trauma.

It is okay to be in that space.

Always remember: 

You are okay exactly where you are, especially when it’s messy.

That just means that you are working through the dirt to control growing the only thing you can control – yourself.

When you are out of balance, you waste energy.

When you are not planned enough, anxiety can spike and feelings of inefficiency may set in.

But if you are over-planned, you waste energy on the over-planning and when judgment and frustration steps in.

So there needs to be a balance, and that is where embracing Feminine Energy through Feminine Flow comes in.

Here are some tips to step into your feminine energy and flow:

  1. Schedule space. Schedule time to wind-down, to create, to rest, to nap, to play, to go-with-the-flow. 
  2. Create goals to work towards, but don’t be rigid with the timeline or exact outcome.
  3. Create rituals and routines, but choose which ones work for you in a given season or day.
  4. Utilize tools that work for you. Planners, lists, and calendars are amazing – but only if they work for you. Evolve your tools with your season of life and what you need to move you forward, not stress you out.
  5. Remember that you are in control of the most important thing – yourself. Trust that everything else will work itself out in time, as long as you control yourself and how you show up and respond in the world.

When you embrace these tips, you are officially in your Feminine Energy and you are flowing as a squishy ball!

As with any lesson, you get to choose what works for you.

Experiment with one or two tips and do your ‘experiment’ mindfully.

This means, paying attention, on purpose, without judgment to adjust for what you need in each moment.

Do all of this with compassion for yourself. The process of transformation is tedious and worth the work, so always keep going!

And when you want another resource to support growing your Feminine Energy and Flow – watch Lesson 5 – What is Feminine Energy? On Robin’s WellNest YouTube Channel at www.robinswellnest.com/youtube

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Remember that you are always enough – just as you are. Also know, you are powerful beyond measure; and finally, always remember that I love you.



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