What is

Inner Fitness?

One thing is for certain – change is the only constant in life. In order to face the changes that life brings, we need a strong level of inner fitness.

Tina Lifford first introduced me to the term inner fitness in her book, The Little Book of Big Lies: A Journey into Inner Fitness

Lifford says “inner fitness is the journey we all yearn for, women and men, without knowing it – to wake up from the relentless harassment of the naysaying.”

This means inner fitness is really sustaining inner peace and controlling your inner narrative.

Outcomes of Inner Fitness

We all want a steady and calm mind to build resilience and resistance to stress and adversity.

It is essential to remember that well-being is not only about physical fitness. We need strong inner fitness to truly achieve well-being.

Well-being through cultivating calmness and stability is the ultimate outcome of developing inner fitness.

The Foundation of Inner Fitness

As we work to achieve inner fitness, we must remember that it is a skill that is developed and maintained with consistent practice.

In order to begin the development and practice of inner fitness, a foundation must be created to build upon.

This foundation includes a mindset that is curious, open, and kind. This begins with yourself. 

Be curious – about what is possible. Approach your growth and practice with investigation. Think – I wonder what will happen if I try this? I wonder how many days I can do this? This will be a shift from the standard way of goal setting and working towards something. The shift into exploring what you are capable of will allow for more lasting and flexible progress.

Be open and kind – first with yourself, then with everyone else. Allow yourself to be open to what is possible (this connects back with being curious) and kind throughout the process. This allows for less resistance and energy to flow into your growth and development.

When you are curious, open and kind, you are essentially practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the foundation for all things that grow inner fitness.

How to Begin Inner Fitness

Breathe. Just breathe.

When you pay attention to your breath – you are working on a mindfulness practice that will grow your mind into a steady and calm state with practice.

You may choose to bring awareness and attention to your breath to work on your inner fitness.

Or you can go more precise with your practice and try a technique like Square Breathing

Square Breathing
Close your eyes and picture a square with four equal sides.
Trace the square in your imagination, in sync with your breathing… 
beginning at the bottom left corner.
INHALE for a count of 4 as you move from the bottom left corner to the top.
Then HOLD for 4 counts as you move across from the top left to the top right corner.
EXHALE as you move down the right side for 4 counts to the bottom.
HOLD for 4 counts as you move across from right to left.

This past Thursday, our Weekly Wellness Workshop featured the topic of ‘Inner Fitness Through Breath’ and posed the challenge:

Do one minute (or more) of breath awareness every day.

I pose this challenge to you as you read this. Get curious. Be open and kind. See what one minute of daily breath awareness, perhaps even square breathing, does for you.

Report back if it brings you a sense of improved inner fitness that ushers in steadiness and calm. The one thing that will for sure happen – you will grow confidence in yourself as you build resilience and resistance to stress and adversity.

And come join us for the Weekly Wellness Workshops to learn more Mindfulness practices that will build your inner fitness and improve your life.

We meet every Thursday over Zoom for 30 minutes. It is for anyone who identifies as a woman and it is come-as-you-are and donation based. Just email me at robinswellnest@gmail.com to get the link for the meeting sent directly to your inbox.

You can connect with me on Instagram or schedule a 20 minute free consult call right here to work together on building your inner fitness.

Be well and fit.

With love and light,

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