Why Learn About Energy Anatomy?

We stand at the threshold of a new era in medicine and healing where we can, and must, merge ancient wisdom with conventional practices.

Today, science validates ancient, indigeneous beliefs that the body is so much more than a simple biological machine.

The human body is a vast network of energy that connects mind, body and spirit.

The body literally, “keeps the score” by encoding thought, converting it to matter, and storing it as energy within specific areas of the body.

When you take the time to learn about energy anatomy and the tools you can bring into your life to allow your chakras to function properly, you will experience a new level of balance and energy to enjoy and excel in all areas of your life.

The specific areas of the body where energy is stored and processed are called chakras, and I will be teaching you so much more about them in the future.

Chakras Communicate Wellness

These chakras provide the formula for wellness across mind, body and spirit.

When functioning properly, the chakras balance and regulate the flow of energy to specific physiological systems which impact your healing on all levels.

In order to take back control over your life and your health, you must ensure your chakras (energy centers) are functioning properly.

As with any healing or habit-making you want to address, the first step begins with awareness (wink, wink – you are on that step by reading this right now!).

By developing an understanding of your chakras and their role as real-time reflections of your energy health, you begin your empowerment in finding ways to bring health, balance and harmony into your life.

You Control Your Healing

The reality is – the answers lie inside you and are within your control.

When you invest the time to learn about your energy anatomy and do the work of self-discovery, you will find lasting wellness.

I know this because I live it.

My intense childhood trauma set me on a lifelong path of healing with the last two decades focused on learning about energy anatomy, then receiving and now practicing, energy healing through Reiki.

With everything that I have learned, and now practice, I am here to help you on this journey by providing the education, inspiration and support that I wished I had on mine.

Last night I taught a Wellness Workshop on Energy Anatomy and Wellness which is a great introduction and foundation for all things energy and Reiki – showing you how the ‘woo-woo’ and science are really one in the same, and both necessary to embrace energy healing.

I recorded the Wellness Workshop for you so you can learn yourself. It’s 25 minutes where I lay a foundation for doing the work, like I am here, and then give you a quick overview of Quantum Physics and how it relates to energy and your energy centers, chakras.

If you would like a copy, email me at robinswellnest@gmail.com, and I will send you a copy.

Then when you are interested in learning even more, I will be here to support you. 

I have a lot of content that I’m creating right now including an entire Energy Anatomy Course and a curriculum to teach Reiki Energy Healing.

There will be more information to come as I complete my Reiki Master Certification this coming weekend and after I complete the month of March which I have dedicated to another hat that I wear – School Board Director & Treasurer.

In the meantime, if you would like any one-on-one time with me for either a Reiki Energy Healing (distance or in person) or a coaching call to guide you in your wellness journey – schedule an appointment here or start with a free 20 minute consult call. 

Book your next session, or begin with a free consult call by scheduling here.

As always, but especially with circumstances of our world, I wish you peace.

With love and light,

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