Personalized Tools

The best way to empower your healing and growth is through support that is specified to your needs and learning style. 

Whether you are beginning or evolving your health and wellness journey, you’ll find that coaching, workbooks and meditations can propel you on your path of well-being, empowering you with personalized tools and techniques to use in your everyday life.


Wellness coaching focuses on empowering and motivating you to become your own expert. 

Through wellness coaching, the tools and knowledge about holistic health and enacting sustainable behavior change are developed. Wellness coaching helps you receive the support you need to set and achieve your goals such as improving energy, better managing stress, developing resilience, and many more inner fitness outcomes. 

Through the supportive guidance and mentorship that wellness coaching provides, you receive a holistic perspective on health and wellness that assists you in enjoying and excelling in all areas of your life. My current rate is $75/contact hour which also includes additional content planning and resource development time to enhance the time we spend working together.

Connect with me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation call, and we’ll discuss a personalized wellness plan that meets your needs.


Meditation is a practice in developing your mental muscle of attention and awareness. Many people are misguided in viewing meditation as the absence of thought, it is actually the observation of thought. A meditation practice involves focusing the mind on the present moment and cultivates self-awareness.

Guided meditations are a wonderful starting point for people new to meditation as well as veterans who are looking for direction in their meditation experience.

Connect with me and schedule a free 15 minute consultation call so we can discuss your specific needs, and I will create a custom guided meditation recording just for you.

When we connect, I will also share a growing list of guided meditations for you to purchase at a pay-what-you-can rate (suggested donation of $5-$10) which include: 7 minute inner child meditation, 4 minute for Teachers to start your day, 6 minute chakra cleanse, 14 minute body scan and chakra awareness.


A person becomes empowered in their own learning when they integrate what they learn into their tools for daily living. When learning new wellness tools, it is a huge task to not only remember, but use the information surrounding wellness to grow and thrive.

Good health fundamentally depends on simple, practical things we can do for ourselves and a workbook provides a format to support you at your own pace as you develop skills, as well as a tool for reference as your work towards mastery of skills.

Connect with me for the complete lists of workbooks available by topic, or for me to create a personalized workbook to support your wellness journey with a free, 15 minute consultation call.

“Robin’s energy is electric. She made me feel safe to explore
who I am deep inside and how I can create a life I crave, with my
own tools and a deeper understanding of our emotions.”

-Sally J.