You have arrived at your home for lifelong wellness.

It’s time to learn inner fitness and simple nutrition to bring calm, confidence and energy for enjoying all the seasons of your life…


My name is Robin Richards, and I am your Wellness Teacher.

I’m passionate about helping you go from overwhelmed and depleted, to creating balance in your body. You deserve to live with resilience and adaptability, bringing a sense of calm, confidence and ENERGY to all that you do.

I teach inner fitness tools and simple nutrition strategies to individuals and groups through workshops, circles, retreats, coaching, and Balance Your Body programs.

My specialty is igniting your self-empowerment through education that merges science with holistic, accessible practices that work to help you thrive in all seasons of life. You can read more about me and my journey toward lifelong wellness here.

Wherever you are starting from, I am here to support you and your groups with getting to a place of balance, ease and energy to truly enjoy your busy life.

“Robin’s energy is electric.”

“She made me feel safe to explore who I am deep inside and how I can create a life I crave, with my own tools and a deeper understanding of myself.”
Sally J.

Work With Me

Group Learning

Workshops ▴ Circles ▴ Retreats

Ranging from professional settings in the workplace to private gatherings with a more intimate, immersive vibe, personalized learning is the cornerstone to meet the unique needs of your group.

Balance Your Body Programs

Meditation Momentum & More

Ditch diet culture and embrace a lifetime of balance in your body with self-study programs that build inner fitness practices and simple nutrition strategies for more calm, confidence and energy in your busy life.


Individual ▴ Group

Coaching helps you receive the support you need to set and achieve your personal wellness goals to create lasting change. Individual coaching is available in single drop-in sessions and packages with group coaching available periodically for coaching in a small, online community.

Inner Fitness & Simple Nutrition

The key to lifelong wellness is BALANCE. Your body (and life) is meant to be in balance – that’s what science calls ‘homeostasis’.

Our modern, fast-paced lives offers so many blessings, but our bodies – specifically our nervous systems – have been completely thrown out of balance.

Creating more overwhelm, toxic diet culture is everywhere and keeps us thinking there is some magic, quick ‘fix’ that exists outside of ourselves.

But the reality is – the solution is inside… Inside of you is all of the calm, confidence and energy you need to enJOY your life (and even improve your performance).

It just takes building inner fitness (meditation, mindset, mindfulness) and simple nutrition for balanced energy and increased resilience.