5 of the Best Ways to Cleanse & Charge Crystals

Crystals are not only beautiful, they are powerful tools to support your energy alignment.

But like any energy tool (including yourself when you are practicing Reiki…hello kenyoku!), crystals pick up energy and need to be cleared to fully function and support growing high vibes.

Here are 5 of the best ways to cleanse and charge crystals: selenite, full moon, smudging, sun & Reiki.

Let’s start with SELENITE

Selenite is an incredible crystal because it transmutes negative energy. In fact, when I do in-person Reiki sessions, I always have my clients hold selenite palm stones to support the purging of misaligned energy.

Selenite is both self-cleansing and able to clear energy attachments from other crystals and objects.

To use Selenite to cleanse crystals, simply place it next to the crystal(s) you wish to charge overnight.

Here are four more ways to not only cleanse, but charge your crystal collection. You can download the pdf or view the image.

While you are cleansing your crystals, make sure you take the opportunity to cleanse yourself.

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