6 Life Lessons on Healing (inspired by snow removal)

Last night a client came for an in person Reiki session and when we were discussing the journey of her healing, this incredibly poignant analogy emerged.

Healing is like snow removal.

…Bear with me on this one, the lesson will last longer than a Minnesota winter 🙂

For context, we are in the throes of winter here in Minnesota with several storm systems that have passed through. After the first snow, I wasn’t prepared and drove my car on the driveway before I had a chance to clear any of it.

This created packed down tire treads on the driveway which are nearly impossible to remove, especially with the broken shovel that I was working with.

To get the driveway completely cleared, I had to take my time. My goal was to not only remove the incredibly dense and wet snow without throwing my back out, but get the frozen tire treads off the driveway as well.

As anyone living in snowy winter climates knows, doing this work can require immense amounts of strength and stamina and in the past I most likely would have overexerted myself causing injury. Or I would have only done the minimal amount needed to clear the snow and called it a day.

But I’m really trying my hand at this whole ‘adulting’ thing now that I turned 40, as well as needing a safe entry for clients and my aging parents, so I diligently worked to remove the snow (get ready for the nuggets of lessons sprinkled throughout)…

When one area seemed overwhelming, I gently moved onto another area.

Throughout, I consciously shifted dominant arms in shoveling to bring more balance into my body and muscle use.

When I reached a point just before both physical and emotional fatigue, I made a choice to stop and accept that this was the best for right now.

Before completely calling it quits, I meticulously spread salt to prevent further ice buildup.

THEN I rested for a bit before resetting and moving on with my day.

Several hours later, when I returned home from teaching a meditation workshop, I noticed that the salt had been working. Not only had it been preventing more ice accumulation, it had melted a significant amount of the build up.

This provided renewed energy as I again approached the ice removal, and was delighted that most of the remaining ice just slid off the driveway.

There were still a few spots that were solidly frozen on, but they were insignificant compared to the massive treads that had been there a few hours before.

The biggest reward of this snow-removing endeavor came the next day when another storm brought a deluge of snow.

This snow was more intense than the previous day, but it turned out to be very easy to remove because of the lessons I learned and how I prepared.

I had a clean surface to work with as well as buying new shovels and having a plan to remove snow in stages (especially before any cars pack it down).

Throughout this retelling, there were many lessons, but in case you need them to be more direct, I have narrowed it down to six major life lessons.

6 Life Lessons on Healing (Inspired By Snow Removal)

1.  Only control what you can.

You can’t control the weather. Just like you can’t control the wounds that you have received in life. They happened and are now part of your story. They impacted you but don’t have to continue to influence you. Your power now lies in how you approach the healing (the snow removal).

2.  Healing takes time.

You have all the time you need, but it might not be on the timeframe that you want. You cannot work your way through the healing process to speed it up. In fact, it is more likely to move more quickly when you allow and create space (see number 5 as well as think FLOW not FORCE).

3.  More layers require more time.

As an example, if you are in your 40’s and working on healing childhood trauma, that will most likely require more time than if you had approached your healing in your 20’s. When we compound life on top of wounds, we must be prepared to invest more time into the unpacking to get to the healing.

4.  Invest in the right support.

Healing comes in so many forms. Reiki has been the healing practice that has had the most profound and lasting impact on my life and what I recommend to everyone who embarks on a healing journey. Reiki is an energy healing technique that is accessible to all people in every stage of life. It is the most ideal practice for deep rest and renewal as either a stand-alone or to complement other practices of healing. The most amazing thing is that Reiki is a technique to Empower your Healing by becoming a Reiki 1 practitioner and learning how to perform self Reiki for continual practice and support. Learn more about Reiki here.

5.  Rest.

The best action is often inaction. Healing only integrates when we are in deep states of relaxation and renewal. Sleep is absolutely essential in healing, but so is creating space to rest. Rest comes through clearing your calendar, by spending an afternoon doing an activity that brings you joy. Or you can get the benefits of rest through an energy healing session like Reiki or a mid-day mindful meditation. Just remember to rest up and recovery is on the way.

6.  More storms will come. Prepare.

The only constant in life is change. More challenges are always on the way – but so are more gifts. After doing the work to initially clear and heal (just like the initial snow removal), when more obstacles emerge, you will be better equipped with tools (like a new shovel) and strategies (like frequent shoveling) to weather the storm (pun totally intended).

One final reflection deeply saturated with a pun: 

No matter how hard the winter, spring will eventually come. 

And with Spring, come the robins:)

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Happy shoveling and healthy healing.

With love and light,

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