Balance Your Body

Programs designed to support you in ditching overwhelm to grow the calm, confidence and energy you need for lifelong wellness with inner fitness & simple nutrition.

Where Should I Begin?

In order to gain balance in your body by replacing overwhelm, anxiety, and exhaustion with calm, confidence, and energy – you need lifelong wellness that works in all seasons of life. That’s where inner fitness and simple nutrition come in.

Truth be told, inner fitness and simple nutrition promote balance in your body by working from the inside-out to create alignment in your holistic health and the interplay of mind, body and energy.

When you are first starting out (or looking for a reset) – the best place to begin is with a daily meditation practice to build the foundation for growing inner fitness.

Meditation Momentum

Are you ready to reduce overwhelm and transform your life in just 21-days? Then you are ready for Meditation Momentum, a powerful program designed to help you show up in your busy life with more calm, confidence, and energy.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, this program is perfect when you are seeking more calm.

You get to select your start date, and for 21-days you get daily emails with carefully created meditations to take your from exploring your breath, to your body, to your mind, in just three-weeks.

At the end of the 21-days, you get all 21-meditations on a single document to use for building inner fitness for lifelong wellness.

What other Balance Your Body programs help me to grow lifelong wellness?

An entire suite of Balance Your Body programs are currently in development and testing.

With a focus on holistic health support while ditching toxic diet culture, FOCUS 40, IGNITE & CALIBRATE are coming soon for the general public.


Focus 40, Ignite & Calibrate

FOCUS 40: Transform your life in just 40 days with FOCUS 40 – the ultimate program using inner fitness and simple nutrition to bring balance to your body, increasing calm, confidence and energy.

IGNITE: A 21-day program with a focus on food as fuel to ditch diets for good, learn how to balance macros (and in turn, your body), to feel lighter in your body and mind.

CALIBRATE: This is your Balance Your Body Reset to keep in alignment with your lifelong wellness goals. With CALIBRATE as your guide, you will have all the tools your need to bring inner fitness and simple nutrition into your personal wellness plan.

“I am truly grateful for the impact ‘Balance Your Body’ has made in my life. The layers of the program make it easy to address the changes in my daily structure that I needed to improve my health. The impact Robin has made in my life has encompassed more than eating, but has taught me mindfulness and a holistic approach to inner fitness.”

-Mary, Balance Your Body Student