The best way to achieve your lifelong wellness goals is with individual and group coaching in a supportive, non-judgmental space to learn and grow.

Individual Coaching

Wellness coaching focuses on empowering and motivating you to become your own expert. I meet you exactly as you are and create personalized wellness plans to help you achieve your goals and ignite self-empowerment.

With a continual focus on building towards lifelong wellness with inner fitness and simple nutrition, individual wellness coaching is all about helping you gain momentum and success on your holistic health.

Wellness coaching may include topics such as boosting energy levels, becoming a balanced eater, ditching diet culture, enhancing calm and confidence.

“Robin always covers all areas our mind, body, and soul need to flourish. She is so thoughtful with every detail and always there to provide feedback and words of encouragement. I’d highly recommend Robin’s coaching to anyone looking to improve their wellness!”

-Balance Your Body Boot Camp, Group Coaching Client

Group Coaching

Group wellness coaching focuses on empowering and motivating you to become your own expert while engaging with others on their holistic health journey for inspiration, accountability and support.

To learn what group coaching options are currently available, you can email and see any registration pages at the link below.

Please note that the members of the Robin’s WellNest email list get first access to group programs. You can start building your lifelong wellness with this free resource – What’s My Eating Style? Assessment and that download will get you on the email list.

“I was surprised to find that small changes can make a huge difference, and that I really benefit from the support and accountability. I’ve also been surprised that I’ve added more structure to my day that has actually created a sense of freedom. It has been empowering.”

-Heather S, Coaching Client