Group Learning

Offering a variety of group learning to meet the needs of your unique group.

Groups gather for individual or team development ranging from professional settings in the workplace to private gatherings with a more intimate and immersive vibe.

Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops are opportunities to empower your team with tangible tools to improve resilience, performance and boost productivity.

In person or online, whether you have a small group, or an auditorium of more than a hundred, participants leave with tangible tools for continued improvement in the workplace and for their lifelong wellness.

By leveraging two decades of teaching and leading experience with multiple wellness certifications, you receive a customized Wellness Workshop to meet your team’s unique needs and goals.

With a variety of workshop topics to captivate and engage your audience, you can submit a Wellness Workshop Inquire Form and/or schedule a free consultation call to discuss all the details.

“The sound meditation in the Wellness Circle was an incredible way to connect body, mind, and soul. Robin facilitated it so thoughtfully; every part of it felt intentional.” 
-Sara P, March 2024 Wellness Circle

Wellness Circles

Wellness Circles are private wellness workshops that can be customized to meet the unique needs of those you bring together for this immersive, learning experience.

Think of a Wellness Circle as your up-level to a traditional party. Wellness Circles are an evening of inspiration, education and support as you practice building inner fitness and simple nutrition for lifelong wellness, all in a private setting surrounded by good company.

Wellness Circles are customizable and usually include a sound bath with crystal singing bowls, meditation and aromatherapy for a truly immersive wellness education experience. It all depends on your design – so book a free consultation call today or fill out this Wellness Circle Inquiry Form.

“With a combination of education, meditation, and support, I gained more that I ever could have expected from Robin’s Empowering Body and Spirit Retreat, including a sense of peace, confidence, and empowerment.” 
-2023 Mindful Eating Retreat Participant


Retreats are an incredible opportunity to completely unplug from your daily life and create space to rest and reset with tools to bring back to your ‘regular’ life.

It is an honor to have hosted seven weekend retreats at the incredible Christine Center, ranging from women’s retreats to Reiki to Mindful Eating. Your greatest learning happens on retreat and I hope to see you at the next one…

Mindful Eating Retreat

May 31-June 2, 2024

Let me support you in ditching diet culture and empowering your health as a mindful, intuitive eater who cultivates a positive relationship with food and your body.

This weekend includes a blend of Mindfulness Meditations, Eating Exercises and Mindful Eating Practices as well as tools to integrate your learning into your toolkit of inner fitness and simple nutrition for lifelong wellness.

“Robin has a unique way of helping you draw out your inner feelings and emotions and assisting in tapping into your unlocked potential.” 

-Andie A.