Minimize Regret: The mantra that supports aligning your life.

This past Sunday I was teaching a bonus Wellness Workshop to a small group of students who had just purchased Meditation Momentum, and I shared the mantra that has been supporting the alignment of my life.

It is a two-word phrase that can support you with all decisions in your life, big or small. 

It is my honor to share these words with you and how they emerged in my life as an additional tool of guidance towards lifelong wellness utilizing inner fitness and simple nutrition.

Those two words are…


A little less than two years ago, my husband and I were walking out of a couples therapy session, and I casually (and a bit desperately) asked our couples therapist what I should do.

Let me explain, I was in an incredibly tough, and yet privileged position…

Our daughter had just finished first grade (her first year in in-person school after the pandemic), and I had just started my business, Robin’s WellNest, at that time focusing on Reiki energy healing and starting to host retreats. 

By the literal grace and guidance of God (or Universe…or whatever you like to call it… for me, I have healed my religious trauma… a story for another day), I had applied, interviewed and been appointed to fill a one-year position on our public school district’s school board.

I LOVED the work of being on the school board.

It was a full-circle experience for me as a former secondary math teacher and a licensed administrator with a Master’s and Education Specialist degree in educational leadership, being able to serve on a school board.

As I said, the work was amazing, the politics… not so much.

But shockingly (or perhaps in retrospect, not), I approached my board position as all leadership opportunities – lead with vulnerability and authenticity, and the political aspect was incredibly rewarding as I forged relationships with others who held differing views on the ever-evolving political spectrum.

The question that I posed to our therapist was – as my term comes to an end, should I run a campaign to be elected to continue serving on the school board?

You see, my dad was sick.

My dad, the first and forever love of my life… my safety, my security, my savior – was dying.

He was only 69 and was aggressively progressing in his diagnosis of early onset dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

He was my everything, especially after my mom tragically and traumatically died when I was in Kindergarten. 

And I am his only living child – my brother died from health complications just shy of 6 months old, a few years before I was born.

“What should I do?” I asked the therapist. 

Should I answer my calling to serve my community, especially during tumultuous times, and put energy and effort into running a campaign for school board?

Or should I not, and focus on the thing that is hardest to face – my dad’s emerging decline, (along with growing a small business, and being a dedicated…and perhaps intense…parent of young child)?

He said – “What decision would MINIMIZE REGRET?”

And those words forever changed my life.

I no longer wrestled with the question of what to do – I was immediately struck with the answer – do not run. Focus on the love of your family before the love of your community. The community will be there. Others are there to support the community – this is your one chance to be there to support you father and your step-mother. MINIMIZE REGRET – and choose love.

So I did.

And the rest is a story for another day…

With love and support,


P.S. If you’d like even more from this sharing… read this – 04.09.24 free write to MINIMIZE REGRET to bear witness to my creative process.

P.P.S Check out the YouTube version of this blog 😉

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