My Meditation Story

– The First Time

Let me begin at the very beginning… the first time that I truly meditated.

It was 1998 and I was a Junior in high school.

My agnostic parents sent me to a private, Catholic high school on the Southside of Milwaukee to receive a college prep education. That decision not only set me up for success in my performance in college, it exposed me to a wealth of tools that would prepare me for my healing journey into adulthood. 

One of those tools was meditation. 

As a junior, I was able to choose my elective for my religion class requirement. I chose World Religions.

One day, our teacher took us to the chapel on the day we were starting to learn about Buddhism. He told us we were going to try a relaxation exercise before we started our learning.

I sat comfortably on the floor with my back resting against a wall as my teacher led us to close our eyes and follow along with his words.

He guided us inwards, and though I don’t remember all of the details that afternoon, I remember one very clearly…

I envisioned a light inside of my body, my torso to be exact. This light grew and grew until it extended beyond my body, surrounding me in a sacred sphere of light and energy. 

In that sphere, I felt held and safe. Like nothing could penetrate the sphere and everything was right in the world. 

This was the first time I had a tangible sensation of peace and safety…not only was I a typical, angsty teenager, I was struggling with some deep depression and side effects of PTSD from childhood trauma.

I was drifting in my sphere when suddenly, a voice came through, breaking into my sphere saying, “Robin – wake up.” And then I began feeling tapping on my arm.

A few of my classmates were around me, trying to ‘wake me up.’

When I jolted back into this physical reality, I immediately insisted that I wasn’t sleeping. I shared how I felt like I went somewhere else and yet was awake the whole time.

Everyone dismissed me as being crazy, and we gathered our things and returned to class to learn about this technique that we had just tried – meditation.

That experience changed me.

It gave me a glimpse of what was possible.

I didn’t pursue meditation directly after that experience, but paved the way and opened me to the path that I walk today.

My daily meditations are not typically as deep and astral or spiritual as my first experience, but it does occasionally happen. 

The goal of meditation is not to have these woo-woo experiences or grandiose epiphanies, but to just get still. To just be. To become aware. Aware of your thoughts and the fact that you are not your thoughts, just the observer of them.

I work towards that goal every day to help me in balancing my life and living a stable, healthy existence that I model for my daughter.

As my blog unfolds, I will continue to share my stories that have brought me to this WellNest. And with each week’s story, you will also always find a corresponding blog that works to educate you on the topic.

This week, you can read 3 Tips for Meditating to further your empowered healing.

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Thank you for being here with me today. I appreciate you.

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