My Mindfulness Story – The MBSR Workbook

It was the spring of 2014 and I was in the thick of suffering. Chronic anxiety and depression were seeping into every corner of my life. I was dealing with multiple infertility treatments, an excruciatingly stressful job coupled with post-graduate work, and my Complex PTSD in full swing as I was counting down the days until my mother’s murderer was released from prison after serving 27 years of a life sentence. 

Life was painful. But I relentlessly pushed on…

A therapist I had been working with a few years prior had focused on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and she introduced me to mindfulness in our work together. This, coupled with my emerging yoga practice, had my interest focused on how to grow more tools to calm the fluctuations of my mind.

So when a book called, The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook crossed my path, I knew I had to learn more.

The book stated that it was designed as an educational and experiential workbook for anyone living with stress, anxiety, pain, or illness.

I checked all of the boxes.

It gave me this hope – “Weaving mindfulness into your everyday life will not only help reduce stress and anxiety, it will also guide you to a life of greater compassion, health, peace, and well-being” (page 6).

Sign me up!

I dove right in…

The introduction poses the question: What has been going on in your life that led you to purchase this workbook?

My response (dated April 19, 2014)

Mike (my husband) and I are going through infertility treatment – I want to be a mother! I am doing intense self-work around coping with my mother’s murder and his eminant release. This past winter was wrought with pain – broken elbow, substance abuse, and sub-zero temperatures. I want to be a balanced educator, future principal, mother, wife, daughter, friend and Self. I want to live in the present and experience life to the fullest.

The next question: What are you hoping to change in your life as you work through this book?

I don’t want to change WHO I am – just HOW I am. I want to feel more present – resulting in feeling more in control, more centered/balanced/calm/appreciative. I want to change my self-perception and awareness. I want to be healthier and love more.

If you are reading this and it is resonating with you – I challenge you to immediately click on this link and get the Amazon ‘gods’ to deliver this workbook to your door. 

When it gets delivered – set aside some quiet time to begin looking at it, exploring. Turn to page 9 and answer the questions I shared, for yourself.

Just begin. No matter how far you get – it will benefit you.

It’s over seven years later, and I can firmly attest to the fact that I have been able to change my life with the support of this workbook (and a multiplicity of other tools). 

I live my life in the space of presence.

I am in control of the one thing I can control – myself.

I am centered. Balanced, Calm (most of the time…). And oh, so grateful.

My self-perception and awareness have shifted.

I am healthy and well and both full of and surrounded in love.

The most beautiful part of all this – I still face challenges, that’s the beauty of life. I still have setbacks and struggles, but they are only a blip on the radar as I utilize tools that have transformed my experience and relationship with life. 

When you embark on this work – remember that you have me as a resource to help as you empower your life with the tools that support your healing and wellness. 

We can connect via a free consult call which you schedule here.

Or you can email me at and connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.

I believe in you. You are not alone.

With love and light,

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