My Reiki Story…How Daily Reiki Has Changed My Life

Though stating something ‘changed my life’ is very cliche and dramatic – in the case of Reiki, it is true. 

There have been many components that have contributed to my healing of past trauma and illness, but Reiki is the piece that was missing. With Reiki, I have been able to reach a point of maintaining wellness and prosperity that I never thought possible.

Reiki as self care.

Reiki has given me the tool to fully implement self care, with a focus on self awareness of my energy and needs. 

Prior to becoming certified in Reiki, I had struggled with symptoms of Complex PTSD, anxiety, depression and the effects of a debilitating autoimmune disease.

By learning Reiki and implementing self practice, I have deepened my meditation and mindfulness skills, while balancing my energy, allowing me to maintain a calm mind and open heart, even in the face of conflict and dis-ease.

Being a Reiki practitioner.

Providing Reiki to clients not only gives me the benefit of feeling connected and in service to others’ wellness journeys, it also strengthens my personal energy and improves my skills of working with Reiki. 

As a practitioner, I harness and channel the Reiki energy into my client, acting as a funnel for the universal life force energy. Just as remnants of a milkshake touch the straw it moves through, the Reiki touches me as I act as a conduit guiding it to my clients. 

Prior to becoming a Reiki practitioner, when I was teaching, coaching or speaking, I would be ‘on fire’ while serving others in their empowerment. But then I would come crashing down and feel depleted and exhausted almost immediately after. I am an extrovert by nature, being fueled by the energy of others. So this depletion was not because of other people, but the result of me using my own energy to serve others. 

Now, with Reiki, I am channeling the eternal life force energy to empower others, and no longer am left exhausted and empty. I am full and flowing – in life and in love. What a blessing!

Reiki has strengthened me spiritually.

Prior to getting sober from street and prescription marijuana, when I would use, I would get really high to not only detach from the turmoil torturing me on the inside, but to feel spiritually connected. 

Truthfully, I never wanted that ‘high’ feeling to end. But little did I know that the ‘high’ and spiritual connection that accompanied it was both false and dangerous. Eventually I learned the truth, and it was a hard lesson, but one that I am grateful for because it led the way to where I am now. 

Getting sober from marijuana was another step toward clarity after I had gotten sober from alcohol the year prior. Taking that step was terrifying as I believed that I would never feel spiritually connected again.

That changed when I began developing a consistent meditation practice in my sobriety. I wouldn’t feel ‘high’, but I was able to feel snippets of clarity where I would strengthen the connection between myself and the world around me.

Now that I have Reiki as a daily practice, I have regained the ability to feel fully spiritually connected. But this is different, I now feel spiritual while being grounded in reality. Sobriety coupled with Reiki as a practice, has led me to this conscious contact with my life and the Universe around me. It’s truly a miracle.

The most amazing part is that my spiritual connection doesn’t only exist within the constructs of my Reiki practice or sessions – it transcends into every area of my life.

What’s Next

Daily self Reiki and continuing to work with clients in Reiki sessions will continue into the future, and I am so grateful to continue to see that grow.

In late February of 2022 I will receive my Master Reiki certification, and at that point, I’ll be able to start teaching Reiki to others. 

Being able to teach others this incredible tool that has changed my life is beyond exciting to me!

This is a tool that everyone, especially moms, needs to have in their healing and self-care toolkit. 

As we look forward to the future of me formally teaching Reiki, come in for a session to experience the magic of this incredible complementary therapy!

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Thank you for being here with me today. I appreciate you.

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