Weekly Wellness Workshops 2022: Mindfulness

When people hear the term, ‘mental health’ they often think it is synonymous with ‘mental illness.’ The terms are not the same. 

Everyone has mental health. Not everyone has a mental illness.

Robin Richards

Mental health is on a continuum from ‘crisis’ to ‘thriving’. 

The goal to achieve well-being is to become aware of where you are on the continuum of mental health. If you notice that you are shifting into the side of ‘crisis’ – especially during times of stress and adversity, then it is time to up your self care and wellness strategies.

In order to continue to achieve balance of your energy and strength of your mind and mental health, incorporating daily practices for wellness are essential. 

I know this because I live it.

Even though I am currently 39 years old, I have been learning and practicing tools to improve mental health since I was five years old.

Every tragedy has a blessing… sometimes it takes a long time and a lot of healing to find those blessings, but they are always there.  

The trauma of witnessing my mom’s murder when I was in Kindergarten, eventually revealed the blessing of my relentless strength and resilience which I now get to share to inspire others.

Years of therapy and so much more have brought me to where I am now – a person who not only works on keeping my mental health strong, but helps others do the same.

So as we enter into 2022, I am delighted to begin a weekly service to those in Robin’s WellNest community who want to live a life of wellness and strength with:

Weekly Wellness Workshops.

Every Thursday at 7pm CST, I will be leading a 30 minute workshop over Zoom that focuses on a weekly topic to Educate, Inspire and Support your wellness journey.

We are kicking off the Weekly Wellness Workshops with a focus on Mindfulness.

I carefully chose Mindfulness to start the weekly wellness workshops because this is a tool that laid the foundation for all of my healing and wellness practices.

Each week we will dive into the topic so you will leave feeling empowered with not only information, but practical tools to take with you into your daily life.

These workshops are come as you are – and pay what you can. (Suggested donation of $5 per workshop.)

There are so many tools to incorporate into your life that will promote balance and energy, and mindfulness is the tool that encompasses them all.

We we dive into topics such as:

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • The Benefits of Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness for Stress & Anxiety Reduction
  • The States of Mind
  • The Path to Mindful Living
  • The Origin of Mindfulness
  • Debunking the Myths Surrounding Mindfulness
  • The Neuroscience Behind Mindfulness
  • Building Emotion Regulation through Mindfulness

In addition to education around each week’s topic, you will get a weekly tool to practice in your daily life.

We will begin each meeting with a group-guided mindfulness practice.

There is so much packed into how I have designed these weekly workshops – I am so excited to start on Thursday, January 6th!

Everything that I have learned as a master teacher and wellness coach is combining to deliver an incredible 30 minutes of motivation each week as you learn about Mindfulness and so much more.

Email me at robinswellnest@gmail.com to get on the email list for the Weekly Workshops. When you join the list – you will get a worksheet to support your learning each week.

Remember that you come as you are, and that includes when you can. 

Each workshop stands alone with content to empower your wellness, but those who attend each week will see and feel the most impact in their life.

Always remember – I am just an email or direct message away! Email me at robinswellnest@gmail.com and connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.

Or you can schedule a 20 minute free call with me here to learn more one-on-one. 

With love and light,

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