What is Conscious Living?

I know that you want to live a wonderful life and you want to contribute to the safety and progress of our planet – especially for our children.

But the question is – how? Especially when it seems so overwhelming and like such a BIG process and project to take on.

One way is to bring Conscious Living into your life.

This concept is the solution to achieve peace and prosperity, not only as an individual, but as a collective society.

It does however, all begin as an individual.

What is Conscious Living?


Conscious living is a concept that incorporates bringing mindfulness into all areas of your life so you are aware of what you are doing, when you are doing it.

Then you can live your life knowing that you are promoting progress in your world.

Let’s take a step back and examine exactly what mindfulness is:

Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, with non-judgment.

When we implement mindfulness, we get drawn into being present in the present moment.

The challenge when you get present is that the voice that is inside of us, often tends towards the inner critic.

The inner critic is really uncomfortable once we realize how loud and destructive that voice can be.

In order to enact change, we must accept that the inner critic is part of us. 


It is part of our conditioning, it’s part of the things that we’ve been taught, the things that society has shown us, that our upbringing has shown us, and that we continue to grow within us.

As long as we accept that the inner critic exists, and allow it to be – with non-judgement, we take energy away from the inner critic and it creates space for us to be able to grow new things.


Acceptance does not mean you agree or condone something, but it does take energy away from the thing you accept and give that energy back to you. 

In the process of mindfulness – becoming aware, and then implementing acceptance, we then begin to incorporate and embody conscious living. 

Conscious Living as Empowered Healing

I live with complex PTSD. And when I had a full flare up of Complex PTSD that was unmanageable in my life, I was completely disassociated from the world.

The surprising fact may be, that I lived in a full flare up and disassociated from the world, for decades.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t achieving, or loving, or living.

But it did mean that inside – I wasn’t actually connected.

I was in a reactive state versus being able to respond.

That is not a position that I wish upon anyone.

It took a lot of time and diligence of learning tools to be able to unwind from that dissociated state. 

Then the journey of unpacking what was causing all of the different flare ups of my complex PTSD came to be.

Only then was I able to fully focus on my healing and growth which brought in conscious living into my daily experiences. Through consciously living, with time, I emerged as the teacher that sends you this message today. 

Applying Conscious Living

I want you to know that when you  project into the future – that is where anxiety grows.

When you are focused on the past – that is where depression lives.

It is only in a state of presence that you are in the moment and able to navigate your life in the most sound aligned, best way that will benefit you moving forward.

That’s where conscious living is.

When you calm everything around you so we can see what is really in front of you, you can make decisions moving forward.

It is mindfulness in everything that we do – paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment without judgment.

And that is Conscious Living.

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In Lesson 4, I go deeper into Conscious Living and the practices that you may choose to explore to bring conscious living into your life.

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Remember that you are always enough – just as you are. Also know, you are powerful beyond measure; and finally, always remember that I love you.



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