What is Energy Anatomy?

You constantly hear about the mind, body and spirit connection – but what does that really mean and how does it apply to you?

That’s where Energy Anatomy comes in.

We are energy.

Everything is energy.

Science has proven this, we as individuals can feel it.

Ancient, indigenous cultures have known this for centuries.

We have now come to a time where we must merge conventional knowledge and practices with the ancient wisdom that has embraced energy.

Energy moves in our body.

Our body is a vast network that connects the mind, body and spirit so we can have this process of living. 

Think about what happens when we take in energy through food through the process of digestion.

In some individuals, certain foods cause adverse reactions.

Just as this happens with food and the physical body, this same concept can happen with your energy body. But instead of food triggering reactions, it is emotions. 

Different people have different responses.

Our emotions need to be processed through our body and energy systems.

The only negative emotion is the one that is not processed.

Our thoughts get translated into feelings which cause physical reactions in our body and create encoded matter that can be stored or sometimes trapped.

Trauma is an example of a well-known emotional response that can get trapped in our body and then shows up in different ways in our mental and physical health.

There are ways to get trapped emotions ‘unstuck’, but for now let’s focus on how to keep the emotions flowing to prevent blockages.

Keep your energy flowing by first understanding some basics of your energy anatomy and then building tools to keep them healthy.

There are 7 major energy centers that are located within our body.

These centers are called chakras, which translate to ‘wheel’ from Sanskrit.

This means that they are centers that ‘spin’ to allow flow of emotions and energy for balance and regulation within the energy body.

Each major energy center is associated with different mental and physical components. This allows you to utilize the mind-body connection to keep your energy anatomy healthy and in turn keep your mind and body balanced.

Meditation, food, affirmations, color, sound, and more are used to strengthen and rebalance your chakras.

To help you learn about each chakra and its characteristics as well as your personal assessment of health within each chakra and healing tools to start using immediately, I created a 7-part wellness workshop series.

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Remember that you are always enough – just as you are. Also know, you are powerful beyond measure; and finally, always remember that I love you.



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