What’s My Eating Style?

(free) Assessment


The ‘What’s My Eating Style? Assessment’ is the place to start for solutions with simple nutrition (and inner fitness).

You see, the first step in any transformation is building awareness – and this free assessment does just that (and more).

Click HERE to learn your Eating Style

If you are tired of yo-yo dieting and ready to finally ditch diet culture and bring balance to your body – the ‘What’s My Eating Style? Assessment’ is your place to begin.

Your first step to understanding your relationship with food and getting to a place of balance in your body begins here. And, ultimately, leads toward the path of more calm, confidence and energy to enjoy your busy (and beautiful) life.

What’s My Eating Style? Assessment’ is a tool that gives you valuable information to create positive shifts in your eating patterns, and by extension – balance, in your body.

After you take your assessment, I’d love to hear your results! You can always reach me at robin@robinswellnest.com

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